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Heads-Up Baseball 2.0 - Book Study

This summer all of our HS teams will be going through a book study of "Heads-Up Baseball 2.0" written by Tom Hanson & Ken Ravizza who are two of the mental game Titans in the game of baseball. In the mid 90s, they came out with "Heads-Up Baseball: Playing the Game One Pitch at a Time". For 20 years, it has been the mental game gold standard.


In late 2016, they came out with an updated version, "Heads-Up Baseball 2.0", and unlike most sequels they found a way to improve upon their first book. This is a must read, must have book for any ball player who is serious about playing the game at an upper-level, and so we decided to make it mandatory for all of our 2018 & 2019 grads to have their own copy and read through it this summer.

We are selling these books at the retail cost of $30. Please use the PayPal button below to complete your purchase. Books will be distributed at the first practices this summer. 

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