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Charger Family Testimonials

Anthony Roth, Former Player 

“Being a part of the Charger organization was definitely a highlight in my life.  The last two summers have been vital in helping me mature into a player ready for college baseball.  The coaching staff was great in that they taught us not just the game itself but how important it was to be a good person in general.  The quality of coaching that I experienced was top notch, and I don’t know of any other summer team would even come close.


The number of scouts that came to tournaments, including my college coach, was truly a blessing.  The Chargers have built a reputation for being a high-quality summer program, and I am honored to have been part of the organization.”

Lincoln Rassi, Former Player

"Playing for the Indiana Chargers helped me take my baseball career to the next level. The Chargers coaching staff and teammates teach you how to compete at a higher level, against higher competition. They helped me realize what I needed to accomplish to make it in the college game. They not only gave me knowledge of the game but gave me countless opportunities to show the scouts what I was capable of doing. In order to make it in baseball you need to get your name out there, and more importantly, perform in front of college scouts.

The Indiana Chargers gave me those opportunities. Throughout my two years as an Indiana Charger, the competition that we faced did nothing but make me a better ball player. If I had not played for the Charger’s organization, I would not have had the opportunity to play Division I baseball at Toledo." 

Jason Crocker, Former Player

“Playing for the Charger organization was one of the best experiences in my life. They have some of the best coaches I have played for throughout my baseball career. They have been around the game for years and they know their stuff. They were always around when I had a question or needed assistance. This organization has had a big impact on my baseball career.  The coaches not only helped me form into a mature player for college baseball, but they also taught me how to be an even better person outside of baseball. I’ve learned many things from this program. This organization has provided me some of the best game experience I have had, and I have also gained some close friends from it as well.  There are no other summer programs that can be compared to this one.”

Tony & Patty Valentine, Alumni Parents

"Although we have been with several travel baseball teams, the Indiana Chargers Baseball Club experience has been by far the best.  Besides the quality of both coaches and players, the two attributes that we were most impressed with were the way the club was organized and the communication from coaches to players and families.  We liked the way the coaches prepared the players for college baseball. Each coach was continually coaching and teaching the players in a respectful and professional manner.  All players were treated equally regardless of performance or talent.  We would highly recommend this baseball club to any serious baseball player.  We wish the Charger organization all the best in the future."

Steve & Joanne Hartman, Alumni Parents

“I’d like to comment how happy we are with our decision to have Brad go to Vincennes (Junior College). I’d also like to point out that Brad was recruited to Vincennes on Chargers Scout day! We were among those who have spent big bucks on many, many showcases, and it turns out that the one that paid off was yours!”

Kerry & Tina Frye,

Alumni Parents

“Thank you for instilling values into the kids, in addition to, all of the baseball knowledge. As parents, it was great to know you were reinforcing all of the same things we were preaching at home. Even though my son decided not to play baseball in college, I would have him play for the Chargers if I had to do it all over again. It is worth every penny.”

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