2020-2021 Indiana Chargers Tryouts

These tryouts are open to 15U,16U,17U players who would like to play for the Indiana Chargers in the Summer of 2021. Players will be put through a pro-style showcase to evaluate their talents.


Our organization was created, and still exists today for the following reasons...


  • To give kids the opportunity to enjoy the game of baseball at its highest level while using the game to help develop friendships and characteristics that will create responsible and accountable young men, leaders, baseball players, and adults.


  • To provide kids with the opportunity to develop themselves into the players and people they need to be in order to have the best chance at becoming a college baseball player. This includes helping them develop mechanically, competitively, academically, and socially as we walk them through the recruiting process.  Players will develop baseball skillset (hitting, throwing, fielding), utilize arm-care and throwing progression, and improve speed & strength during offseason training so that they can showcase their skills in the spring and summer!


  • To communicate with college coaches and our players to bring them together to create a good "fit" for all concerned


  • To mentor and educate players & parents, helping them to understand and enjoy the game of baseball and the many lessons to be learned from the game at its highest levels


  • To have a strong foundation of core values and organizational philosophies that put the development of people and baseball players above winning trophies and ball games


  • To teach players how to be winners. While winning games is a key piece of development, we believe that focusing on the daily pitch by pitch process is most important in teaching our kids how to win consistently in the game and in life.




Try-Out Dates/Locations:

Sunday August 23th, 2020

Location: WBA, Fort Wayne,IN


Tryout Cost: $20 cash pay at tryout

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