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Teams (2020)

We are still looking for players for the following teams-

  • 15U, 16U, 17U Players

  • If you or someone you know is interested, please email:

We will have a 15U, 16U, 17U team for 2020 based out of Fort Wayne, IN


Our organization was created, and still exists today for the following reasons:


1)   Provide kids the opportunity to prepare themselves for their best chance at becoming a college baseball player.  There are many aspects that go into this;  development of baseball tools, development as a baseball player/competitor, development in academics and leadership, awareness and education of the recruiting process, and communicating to college coaches and players to bring them together to create a good “fit” for all concerned. 


2)   To mentor and educate players, parents, and coaches to learn to enjoy the game of baseball and the many lessons to be learned from it at its highest levels.  In order for this to happen, we believe in a strong foundation of core values and organizational philosophies that puts development of people and baseball players above winning trophies and ball games.  Although we believe teaching people how to be winners is a big part of development, we believe true winners that prepare for life’s biggest games and moments are best prepared by emphasizing the daily pitch by pitch process over a single game or weekend of games results.  Because of this, our coaches will always emphasize and teach process over results throughout our organization. 


Understand, in order for the development of baseball tools to occur in a baseball player, arm health and physical strength and mobility are of the utmost importance!  Therefore, arm-care and being in top physical condition are top priorities for our organization.  And to go along with our values and philosophies of development over all else, we vow to never put winning a single game or weekend of games over sound baseball judgment of the arm-care of our players. Making sure our players improve by playing the best competition to be found in the Midwest is another goal of ours and finally, in order to provide our players with their best opportunities to play college baseball, exposure to college scouts is a top priority for our players and we work hard at making sure they will be seen and evaluated by coaches coming from the best programs in the Midwest and beyond.


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