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Welcome to The Clubhouse!

Welcome to The Clubhouse! This is our new baseball blog, and we are excited to include this on the new website! Coach Mishler and I certainly spend quite a bit of time researching, studying, watching baseball, and learning about this game. This blog will be a great avenue for us to pass along great information we come across to you the player. Whether it's a new exercise, a great story about a player, or some original thoughts of our own, we hope you will enjoy this blog and check back often to read the posts! Our goal is to become a one-stop shop for you in regards to having the most current, upper-level information out there. We will try to have a new post up on this page at least once a week. We will attempt to have relevant and helpful information as you continue in your journey to succeed and play this game at a high level!

- Coach Barber

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