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It Makes You Scratch Your Head...or Does It?

Tuesday and Friday nights, and Sunday afternoons, are can't miss days at our academy. No offense to the training that takes place on the other four days of the week, but what has been happening on our "can't miss" days is nothing short of crazy.

If you've been keeping up with us on our Twitter account or Facebook page over the past few weeks, you may have seen the success we've been having with the Driveline Baseball program we implemented this "off-season." Last night, there was another opportunity for a photobomb as Jeremy Drudge (pictured below) lit up the gun for a personal best on a run & gun throw.

Drudge 90.jpg

Despite the hairdo, he became our 11th guy to join the 90+ club this winter! Oh, and a few other minor details...

Jeremy is our first HS Freshman and first 15 year old (15 as of two weeks ago) to cross the 90+ threshold. And, in case you are curious to know where he was at the start of training four months ago? He was at 78 mph.

Obviously, we get excited when one of our guys hits the 90+ mark, but we get just as excited anytime someone sets a personal best. We had 4 guys to do so last night. We have data on file for 40 guys who have trained with us this winter. Feel free to take a look at all the data on our velo sheet, here. The sheet is still missing data from a few guys who have made jumps, and it will be continually updated if anyone sets a PR over the last couple weeks before the HS season begins.

Based on the numbers on the sheet, the average velocity gain of those 40 guys is 6.45 mph!

So, with 11 guys hitting the 90+ mark in the past 4 months, and seeing an average jump of almost 6.5 mph, it makes you wonder how kids (whose facility isn't all too far from Amishville USA - Shipshewana) could have so much success with velocity development. After all, those numbers aren't normal...we know because prior to this year, we had only one, 90+ member! It makes you scratch your head...or does it?

About four months ago, I would been scratching my head, too. Not anymore. We have a proven plan in place, and the players who have bought-in and committed to what we are doing with the Driveline Baseball training program are seeing results. There is an expectation and belief now that the way we train from our warm-up to our post-throwing arm-care/recovery work takes a backseat to no one which is exciting!

Even if you have been in baseball hibernation this winter, visit our website and contact us today to start training ASAP.

In baseball,

Justin Barber


P.S. We highly recommend you check out Driveline Baseball's website and products. We use their program and products to train our guys. Be sure to check out their recently released book, "Hacking the Kinetic Chain"

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