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Friday's Follow-Ups

Here are some of the baseball posts you may have missed us retweet to our social media pages over the course of the week. Hopefully, this will become a regular feature on our blog and not a one-time deal.

- Eric Cressey's Exercise of the Week: Split-Stance Anti-Rotation Medicine Ball Scoop Toss

- Intersting study posted on the Volt Sports Performance Blog: Grip It and Rip It: Grip Strength and Batting Power

- Two great links were posted from @SuccessLvsClues and @RA_Parker of video libraries with hundreds of clips of big league hitter's swings. Study these swings! See what the best hitters in the game are doing. I bet you will see several guys with some type of leg kick, a coil/ride on the backside, and getting to an athletic hitting position!

Here are the links:

- Driveline Baseball was in Arizona for a few days checking in on some of their clients. Kyle Boddy tweeted out this sweet photo of a fence at the Cleveland Indians complex!

So, there are some of the things from the week that was. Be sure to follow us on Twitter - @IEChargerBSB.

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