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Friday's Follow-ups Ep. 2

Here is some of the baseball posts you may have missed us retweet to our social media pages over the course of the week.

- George Brett (Hoping no introduction is necessary here...Google if needed) gave a great interview talking about what has changed since he played with regards to hitting - Video

- Longtoss guru, Alan Jaegar, posted a video of Clayton Kershaw's pre-start routine...including an impressive longtoss display. Check it out...

- Recruiting is quite the process. Matt Lisle, an MLB hitting consultant and assistant softball coach at Santa Clara University had a great blog post sharing his thoughts on the subject.

- Hitters: This is a must read interview with 2014 AL batting champ, Jose Altuve.

- Bobby Tewksbary is a hitting instructor in NH had he wrote a great blog post about swing plane and learning how to make better adjustments in BP. It is a lengthy article, and the two video clips at the end take about 20 minutes to watch; however, if you really want to understand the swing, this is definitely worth taking the time!

So, there is some of the best content from the week that was. Be sure to follow us on Twitter @IEChargerBSB.

Have a great Easter weekend!

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