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Friday's Follow-ups Vol. 3

Here is some of the baseball posts you may have missed us retweet to our social media pages over the course of the week.

- JJ Cooper, from Baseball America, posted a great clip showing what the catchers in the Chicago Cubs organization were doing to get better during spring training. Take a look here... Video

- Jonathan Lucroy is one of the best receivers in the MLB. The Brewers catcher gives some insight on his mindset behind the dish in this video.

The Art of Pitch Framing -

- With the start of the MLB season, there have been some fantastic GIFs...Driveline Baseball posted one of Trevor Bauer's 2-seam fastball. Check it out...Bauer 2-Seam

So, there is some of the best content from the week that was. Be sure to follow us on Twitter @IN_Chargers.
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